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Living and working in the BALEARES
A guide, with information, advice and useful addresses


Baleares Welcome

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18 -Transport
There are plenty of daily flights between the Balearic islands and the rest of Europe.
The Islands are situated at 1050 kms from Paris, a flight lasts approx. 1h50

Air transport
Airline companies which have flights between Paris and Palma (Mallorca), Mahon (Minorca) and Ibiza:

Viva Air
Camino de la Escolla 4 - 07012 Palma de Mallorca
Tel. (71) 717 188 - Fax (71) 718 268

Air Inter
12 rue de Provigny - 94230 Cachan - France
Tel. 01 49 69 53 67 - Fax. 0149 69 53 64

Iberia and Aviaco also have a regular service going via Barcelona
Aviaco is represented by Iberia
31 avenue Montaigne - 75008 Paris - France
Tel. 01 47 23 01 23, - Fax. 01 47 20 24 98

Maritime transport
The only way to get to Formentera is by boat.
There are regular services between Palma and Ciudadela, Mahon and Carbera, Ibiza.
The ferry boat companies are:

Compania Transmediterranea
Avenida Bartolome Vicente Ramon -Ciudad de Ibiza
Tel. (71) 315150.

Compania Auxiliar de Comercio y Navigacion (AUCONA)
Muelle Viejo 5 - 7012 Palma de Mallorca,
Tel (71) 226 740

You can cruise to the Balearic Islands, leaving from Genoa in Italy or from the Côte d'Azur.
Some organized voyages have Morocco as the final arrival point. The cruises usually last 8 days.
There are short 2 or 4 day cruises from Spain.

There are two railway lines in Mallorca, linking Palma to Soller and to Inca.

19 -Time differences
+1 hour GMT

20 - Telecommunications
To phone the Balearic Islands from France : dial 00 34 71 + the number of your correspondent

To call France from the Islands : dial 07 33 + the number of your correspondent

Emergency n°s : Mallorca 91, Ibiza 30 11 31
21 - Airports

The airport of Palma in Mallorca

The airport of Mahon in Minorca, which is 10 kms away from Ibiza.
22 - Car rental

Ibiza - Tel. 971 342 715
Mallorca - Tel. 971 130 788
Minorca - Tel. 971 377 121

All Avis cars are completely equipped, have done less than 15,000 kms and have an average age of 3 months. The vehicles are carefully prepared and checked between each rental using a procedure containing 7 obligatory control points. The cars are rented with a full tank.
Renting from Avis automatically means that the car passengers, renter and/or driver are covered by a third party insurance as well as an insurance covering repatriation and the immobilization of the vehicule in case of an accident.

You can reserve a car :
- from your travel agent
- from the international reservation centre at 0 820 05 05 05
- or from any Avis agency
Avis has an interactive network worldwide, a client can reserve a car instantly from anywhere in the world.

We recommend that you pay your rental using your accredited Avis card or with another credit card accepted by Avis : American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners.
Through a simple free membership system, Avis gives identity and/or payment cards, which are a real help for a rapid and efficient service.

REASSURING : No on-line payment, you can pay Avis directly at the agency when you return the car
RAPID : Avis has the quickest car rental reservation service on the web
ECONOMICAL : The cheapest rates on the market are available on the Avis microsite
COMPLETE : You can rent a car anywhere in the world.
The Avis network : 5000 agencies in 172 countries, is now on-line!
EFFICIENT : Find your town (you don't have to fill in the country), enter the date and click on estimate
PRACTICAL : You only have to fill in 4 boxes and you will receive an e-mail confirming the reservation.
You can even rent a vehicle at the last minute just round the corner or ... on the other side of the world.

 23 - Hotels& restaurants

There are plenty of good hotels.

The restaurants in the big hotels are 'international' type, not really very good.

The water is brackish and should not be drunk. Only mineral water is served.

In Palma, don't miss the Tristan restaurant and the Abaco bar.

There is a list of hotels in the Useful Addresses section (30).
24 - Your suitcase
You need light summer clothing most of the year with a couple of sweaters and a jacket in the winter.

25 - Information
Shopping :
The best place to shop is in the old town where there is plenty of traditional handiwork : leather, suede, wooden objects, pottery, rope sandals and painted ornaments.
You can also buy cultured pearls, furniture and blown glass.

The markets in Ibiza are renowned for their clothes and bric à brac.

Shops are open from 10am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8.30pm.

Gastronomy :
Discover typical Spanish cooking.
You can try the 'sopa majorquina', which is meat and vegetables, the 'tumbar' of vegetables or fish soup the 'caerderetta'.
The Ibizan specialities are the 'arroz marinero' : rice and fish with garlic croutons, cheese cake 'flao' and all different kinds of fish.
Different kinds of hams and sausages are the 'sobresada', botiffaro', 'lomo' or the 'serrano ham'.

There are some good Spanish wines as well as local liqueurs like the 'Palo' from Mallorca which is bitter, and the 'Hierbas ibicencas', which tastes of liquorice.

26 - Banks
Banks are generally open from 9am to 2pm on weekdays and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm

28 - Guides
- Winter in Mallorca (Georges Sand)
- Los Muertos Mandan (Blasco Ibanez)
- Big cemeteries under the moon (Georges Bernanos)
- La Muerte de una Dama (Vilalonga)
- Letters from Mallorca (Ramo Lull)
- Claudio (Robert Graves)
- Las Baleares (Baltazar Porcel)
- Mallorca (Hanes Maier)

- More (film by Barbet Shroeder) filmed in Ibiza

Newpapers and magazines in Spanish
Avenida de America 124 - 28027 Madrid

Cambio 16
Hermanos Garcia Noblejas 41 -28037 Madrid

Diez Minutos (weekly)
Santa Engracia 23 - 28010 Madrid

Hola (weekly)
Miguel Angel 1, 1° -28028 Madrid

El Pais (daily)
Miguel Yuste 40 -28037 Madrid

29 - Observations


The Balearic Islands are Spain in the Mediterranean, with sun, white sand, palm trees and plenty of time for leisure activities.

Mallorca, which is the biggest among the Balearic islands, named by the Romans, has a very mild climate. It is also known as the "island of trees" due to the number of almond trees which cover it. In order to appreciate Mallorca, apart from the beaches, go inland where unexpected scenery and the traditional hospitality of its inhabitants awaits the visitor. Going down the Calobra, the landscapes of Cape Formentor and the visit to the Monastery of Valldenoso, are all moments of intense emotion.
Mallorca is extremely well organized for tourism, both for individuals and groups.
Things to do :
- swimming and various sea sports
- horse riding (there are ranches, particularly in Palma)
- go to folkloric corridas in Palma, on Sundays during the summer
- visit Marineland
- shows in the evening : Spanish ballet, flamenco
- visit the almond plantations
To visit :
- Palma town, the cathedral and the Bellver castle
- the sea grottos of Drach near Porto Cristo - the cala of the Calobra - the Pareis torrent
- the Monastery of Lluch, Inca
- the monastery and the pharmacy of Valldemose - the convent Our Lady of Cura - the Labourage museum
- the vestiges of Talayot - the monastery of San Salvador - manacor - the grottos of Arta - the ruins of Polensa

Ibiza, the African province, reminds one of North Africa with its arid and wild nature, its morias and its citrus tree plantations. Pirates used to come to this island and moor their boats in the rocky coves of Es Calo. You can take a yacht around the island, stopping to dive.
To see :
- the citadel looking over the old town
- the painting galeries
- the fortified churches

Formentera : the Mola road
Minorca - the ciutadella, the calas (creeks) on the south western coast
Cabrera has stayed secret and wild, with hardly any developement.

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