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Canada Welcome
Guide for living, study and working in Canada
A guide, information, advice and useful addresses to be able to leave well-informed.
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Canada Welcome

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Political Status
Political Organization
Canada is a federal parliamentary state and a member of the Commonwealth. The Prime Minister holds the power and is reponsible to the House of Commons. The House of Commons is made up
of 295 members elected for 5 years by general election. The Senate is composed of 104 life members proposed by the Prime Minister.

Geographical situation
A little bit smaller than Russia (10 million square kilometers), Canada is bounded by the Atlantic,
the Pacific and the Arctic.
There is a common border with the USA stretching over 6000 kms and 5 fresh water lakes which are the biggest in the world. Three quarters of Canada is uninhabitable desert. On the west Pacific coast the Canadian part of the coastline is fairly short, Alaska (which is American) takes up most of it.

Economy and Statistics

Canada, which is the 7th economic power in the world just behind the UK, is recovering from an economic crisis. There was a deficit in the balance of payments from 1972 to 1992, and a recession in the economy in ...

Other sectors

71% of the economically active population work in the service industries and contribute 68% of the GNP. The strong sectors of the economy are telecommunication, transport equipment, aeronautics, data processing, mineral industries, metal and newsprint paper.

Working in Canada

If you find a job get information on the social cover, medical and pension schemes.
Their health and welfare system is similar to the French social security. It is a very efficient organization,
a numbered card gives you access to hospitals and doctors, if you are enrolled in the administrative system by your Canadian employer.
Make sure that your contract gives all the details concerning the working conditions.

Immigration :
Since the beginning of the century, immigrants from more than 150 different origins have brought
a cultural and economic wealth to the country. Immigration is an important factor in the economic activity
of the country, to redress the demographic developement, ensure prosperity and economic opportunities.
More than 100,000 French people are installed in Canada. Each year about 3500 French people choose to go and live there, and more particularly in the province of Quebec.

Health & Medicine

Canada has no endemic diseases, its climate is very healthy, only people with heart trouble should
be careful because of the sudden temperature changes.
Recommended vaccinations are tetanos, polio, BCG.

Education and Schools
The Quebecois educational system is compulsary from 5 to 15, that is until Secondary V,
then the students can enter the CEGEP (a total of 67 post secondary institutions).
In Montreal there are French colleges proposing a continuing education to the baccalaureat :
the College Marie de France, the College Stanislas.
In the English provinces there are 13 years schooling to be passed before university
where you can get a Bachelor of Arts Degree (after 3 or 4 years), a Masters Degree or a Ph.D.

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