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Political Status

Political Organization :
Nowadays the People's Republic of China has only one political party, the Communist party, with a President, Mr Jiang Zemin and a Prime Minister, Mr Li Peng, and a National People's Congress, composed of 2978 delegates elected for five years by the Local People's Congress and by the People's Liberation Army. The Constitution, in effect since 1954, was revised in March 1978. The regime can be defined in the following way : 'a people's democratic state led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants' or alternatively 'a dictatorship of the proletariat.' The Constitution authorizes private property independently of the state and cooperatives. Power is divided between the Standing Committee, the National People's Congress and local Congresses (provincial, district, cantonal). Members of the cantonal Congresses are elected by the people, while the members of the upper Congresses are elected by the members of the lower Congresses.Since the death of Mao Tse-tung (Sept. 76) the main objective is the struggle against poverty and the acceleration of the modernization of China.

Geographical situation
China is a similar size to all of Europe together but its population represents a quarter of the whole world population. It has the third biggest surface in the world after URSS and Canada. It stretches from Siberia in the north down to tropical seas, has the biggest desert in the world, the Gobi Desert, and the highest mountain range with the summit in the Himalayas.

China is an immense country of 9,596,961sq. kms. which stretches from the Pacific Ocean to central Asia, with the Democratic Republic of Korea to the east, Russia to the north-east and north-west, Mongolia in the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the south-west and India, Burma, Laos and Vietnam to the south.

Economy & Statistics
At present there exists three forms of economy in the country :
-a modern economy run by foreign investments (2% of the GNP) which supplies 40% of the exports
-a capitalist economy with workers working at home, which is the backbone of the light industry
-a communist system, especially in the north east.
With its economic expansion at more than 10% a year and rapid modernization, China offers numerous opportunities for French enterprises.

Working in China
State structures no longer control the totality of recruitments. A major problem is the lack of labour regulations. When laws exist they are easily circumvented. Two main obstacles to working in China are : the total ignorance of how business is practiced in the western world and and the absence of people speaking French or English. The lack of good management staff causes an incredible turnover and an annual hike in salaries of around 30%. "Winning away" personnel trained by other western companies (by offering double or triple the salary) is a national pastime.

Hong Kong's airport is at 7 kms from the centre of town.
Air China, P O Box 1000-621, International Airport, Beijing

Bibliographies :
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In China they drive on the right.
Nowadays China resembles a bit Suharto's Indonesia, open to western multinationals and corruption.
Criminality is severely punished (1400 capital offences).

Customs clearing
The time it takes for clearing depends on the means of transportation used. By plane you should count 2-3 days, by sea about a week. For certain objects or perishable goods it can be done in a day. It is possible to clear goods in most places where a custom's office is to be found. It is also possible to clear goods inside the county and to organize transportation under bond.
There are privileged economic zones which get special treatment concerning customs duties.
Merchandise can be stocked in hangars at varying prices. It is free for a week when the goods arrive by sea, after that the price is 20 yuan a day for a 20 foot container (20 x 0.625 Frs). In the case of air transport it can be stocked freely for 3 days then it costs 0.8 yuan per kilo a day.
Bulk transport is permitted. Containers must be deposited under bond by the customs' services.


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