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Denmark Welcome
Guide for living and working in Denmark
A guide, information, advice and useful addresses to be able to leave well-informed.

Denmark Welcome

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Historical Outline

Geographical Situation

Denmark is made up of 483 islands and is situated in the centre of northern Europe. It has a 68 km long border with Germany. On the north and west it is bordered by the North Sea, and on the east by the Baltic.

3 - Economy
The Danish economy is very strong, Denmark is the second richest country in the European Union. The Danes enjoy one of the best standards of living in the world. Social indemnities are the highest in the world, there are only 2% of 'poor' households in Denmark (10% in France), the unemployed receive an unchanging allowance for a five year period. Salaries have gone up over the last years more than in any other country in Europe.

4 - Agriculture
Denmark is intensively farmed, particularly in the north, along the Baltic. 60% of the territory is arable land. Denmark exports two thirds of its production (for 4% of the GDP), 90% of its fishing production. The food industry represents 25% of the exports. The trade balance is positive. In this country which is both agriculturally and commercially orientated (Copenhagen means 'the city of merchants'), stock breeding is encouraged by the growing of cereals and fodder.

5 - Industry
Denmark has off-shore reserves of petrol (153 million tons) and natural gas. The annual petrol production amounts to about 10 million tons (14.7 million in 1999), natural gas was 7.8 million tons. Wind turbines were installed in the 70s and today furnish 10% of the country's electricity needs. These wind turbines have also become the most prestigious Danish export and are continuing to develope. From 2003 it is projected that Danes will be using at least 20% of energy produced by wind turbines.

Other sectors
The multiple transport possibilites make Denmark a gateway for the whole of Scandinavia.
Since the autumn of 1998 Denmark has adopted a series of essentially fiscal measures with the intention of attracting large international groups. At the same time Parliament has lowered company taxes and abolished some of the incorporation charges, to emphasise its policy of encouraging new companies to set up and expand in Denmark. Denmark is the only country which accepts a joint taxation for a company which has the parent company abroad and a Danish subsidiary.

Main towns
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is situated on the eastern coast of the Island of Seeland and partly on the neighbouring isle of Amager. It is on the Oresund opposite the Swedish town of Malmö.
Since the 11th century, due to its strategic position, it has been developed as a trading centre. Copenhagen has been destroyed by war and by fires several times (most of the houses are in wood), and there are few remaining buildings dating earlier than the 17th century.
openhagen City

Aarus, situated on the east coast of Jutland opens onto the Jutland gulf. It is the second port in Denmark with a geographical situation which has been good for trading. It is an industrial town, particularly shipbuilding. There is a very beautiful university, with lovely architecture.

Odense, in the centre of the island of Fionie, is one of the most ancient towns, and has remained intact. It is a commercial centre, on the banks of the Odense river, linked to the sea by a navigable canal.

The best period to visit Denmark is from the end of May to mid-September. There are numerous beaches, but the temperature of the sea rarely goes above 17°C even in August in both the North Sea and the Baltic.

Working in the country
Languages :
It is advisable to take language lessons, or improve your existing level. The quality of job that you could aspire to will depend on your knowledge of the language. There are several language institutes in France where you can take Danish lessons.

To visit :
In Copenhagen :
- Tivoli, an oasis of peace and greenery in the centre of town, is an attraction park which can be rented privately for an evening (up to 4000 people), with access to the attractions, a gala dinner and fireworks from April to September. Inaugurated in 1843 by King Christian VIII, these gardens planted with magnificent trees are the background to about 30 fairground stands, a pantomime theatre, a concert hall which has one of the best symphonic orchestras in the country.

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