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Mexico Welcome
Guide for living and working in Mexico
A guide, information, advice and useful addresses to be able to leave well-informed.
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Mexico Welcome

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Political Status Geographical situation
Economy & statistics


Other sectors
Weights, measures and voltages
Main towns


Entry formalities:
Health & medicine


Connections with France
Time differences
Car rental
Hotels & restaurants
Your suitcase
Your car
Schools & schooling
Cost of Living



Mexico (fr)
Mexique (fr)
Mexique (fr)

City Ville Guide

Time differences
Mexico is 7 hours behind France.

To call Mexico from France dial : 00 52 + the town code + the n° of your correspondent.
Mexico City = 5
Merida = 99
(Within the country, to phone Mexico City from the provinces dial 90).
To call France from Mexico dial : 98 33.
Emergencies : 08.

The Press
The main daily papers in Mexico are :
El Dia, El Economista, El Financiero, El Nacional, El sol de Mexico, El Universal, Excelsior, La Jornada, La Prensa, Novedades, Reform, Uno Mas Uno.

21 - Airports
Mexico City's international airport, Benito Juarez, is situated 13 kms from the town centre.
A taxi from the airport to town costs about 80 FF
Other international airports in Mexico are in :
Acapulco, Ciudad Juarez, Culiacan, Chetumal, Chihuahua, Duango, Guadalajara, Mazatlan, Monterrey, Reynosa, San Luiz Potosi, Tampico, Tijuana, Torreon, Zaca tecas, Zihuatanejo
22 - Car rental
An international driving licence and a passport are necessary to rent a vehicle, you will also need a credit card to give a guarantee and to pay for petrol, taxes and insurance.
Minimum age for driving : 25 years old.

Petrol stations are quite numerous on the main roads, but you should still fill up before doing any long trips. It is better not to drive after nightfall.
The roads are in very bad condition, except for a few major highways which are exceptionnally expensive.
If you should break down, there is a free breakdown service given by the "green angels" of the tourist office.

Avis has several agencies in Mexico.
To phone the central reservation office :
national reservations : 001 800 2 888 888
international reservations : 001 800 712 1112
Some other agencies :
Acapulco: 52 74 62 0075/66 9039
Aguascalientes: airport 52 49 16 1211, Fiesta Americana hotel 52 49 71 1119
Cancun : airport : 52 98 86 0221/0222/0223, centre 52 98 83 0004
Chihuahua : airport 52 14 20 1919
Ciudad Juarez : airport 52 16 33 0750
Cozumel : airport 52 987 2 0219
Guadalajara : airport 52 3 6885784/6885656
Hermosillo:airport52 62 61 0700/0701
La Paz : airport 52 112 4 6312
Merida : 52 99 84 2020/2134
Mexico city : airport 52 5 762 3688/3262, centre 52 5 533 1336/5 511 2228
Saltillo :52 84 88 13 63
San Jose del Cabo
: airport 52 114 6 0388/0201/0234/0235
: airport 52 12 28 0585
:airport 52 66 83 2310
: airport 52 29 34 9623
: airport 52 498 5 1100

All Avis cars are completely equipped, have done less than 15,000 kms and have an average age of 3 months. The vehicles are carefully prepared and checked between each rental using a procedure containing 7 obligatory control points. The cars are rented with a full tank.
Renting from Avis automatically means that the car passengers, renter and/or driver are covered by a third party insurance as well as an insurance covering repatriation and the immobilization of the vehicule in case of an accident.

You can reserve a car :
- from your travel agent
- from the international reservation centre at 0 820 05 05 05
- or from any Avis agency
Avis has an interactive network worldwide, a client can reserve a car instantly from anywhere in the world.

We recommend that you pay your rental using your accredited Avis card or with another credit card accepted by Avis : American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners.
Through a simple free membership system, Avis gives identity and/or payment cards, which are a real help for a rapid and efficient service.

REASSURING : No on-line payment, you can pay Avis directly at the agency when you return the car
RAPID : Avis has the quickest car rental reservation service on the web
ECONOMICAL : The cheapest rates on the market are available on the Avis microsite
COMPLETE : You can rent a car anywhere in the world.
The Avis network : 5000 agencies in 172 countries, is now on-line!
EFFICIENT : Find your town (you don't have to fill in the country), enter the date and click on estimate
PRACTICAL : You only have to fill in 4 boxes and you will receive an e-mail confirming the reservation.
You can even rent a vehicle at the last minute just round the corner or ... on the other side of the world.

24 - Your suitcase
From November to March take light clothing, preferably in natural fibers (cotton, linen) if you are staying on the coast. Autumn-style clothes : sweaters, a warm jacket, for Mexico City and the tierras templadas.
The rest of the year take summer clothing, a few sweaters for a cool evening, or airconditioning, and a light raincoat.

zocalo = the central square
barrios = districts
ejido = collective lands
guayabera = white pleated shirt that the men wear not tucked in their trousers
platicar = to gossip
ahorita = immediately
momentito = wait a bit
mariachis = groups of traditional musicians
cantinas = very simple little restaurants
propina = a tip

Public Holidays
1st January : New Year
5th February : Constitution Day
21st March : birthday of Benito Juarez
29th March : Good Friday
1st April : Easter Monday
1st May : Labour Day
5th May : National Day
16th September : Independence Day
20th November : Revolution of 1910
12 th December : fête of Our Lady of Guadalupe
25th December : Christmas

some typical dishes :
- enchiladas : cornflour pancakes stuffed with chicken
- barbacoa : kid cooked in banana leaves
- ceviche : raw fish
- tacos : meat fritters
- tortilla : cornflour pancake
- tamales : mixture of cornflour, meat and hot pepper wrapped in banana leaves
- rancheros : eggs with chili sauce on a tortilla
- mejicana : scrambled eggs with tomatoes and chili
- poc chuc : slices of marinated pork fillet
- pollo pibil : marinated chicken, wrapped in banana leaves and baked in the oven
- barbacoa : bits of mutton or goat cooked in banana leaves
to drink : beer, tequila and mezcal.

amber, leather, hand woven fabrics, embroidery, pottery, hammocks, panama hats, sarapes (kind of a poncho), sombreros, jewellery
Try and buy your souvenirs in the villages in which they are made if possible, not only will you pay less but you will also be sure that the artisans get the money for their work

Officially it is up to you, but it is nevertheless highly appreciated, particularly by pump station attendants and room service ladies who have extremely low salaries. The children who help customers in supermarket parkings live from what they make, as do parking attendants.
Be careful, in restaurants, if you pay by credit card, the Mexican forms often have a propina (tip) space. Fill this in yourself if you don't want an unscrupulous waiter to do it for you! Normally you leave 10-15% of the total of the bill as a tip.

Banks are open from Monday - Friday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and Saturday mornings. No French bank has a counter in Mexico City.

Guides and novels
The Big Mexican Guide : bibliothèque du voyageur, Gallimard
Mexico, Guatemala : guide du routard, Hachette
Mexico : guides Arthaud
Le Rêve Mexicain or la Pensé Interrompue : by JMG Le Clézio, Gallimard
Mexico Mosaïque : by C Frérot, Autrement
The most limpid region : by Carlos Fuentes,the best known Mexican writer
The labyrinth of solitude : by Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize for Literature

Business guides :
Industrial costs 2000- 352 pages - Bancomext (tel 01 42 86 60 00)
The airport sector - Trade Commission in Mexico City - 108 pages ed. CFCE ref S12814-99N
Importation circuits and the distribution of wines and spirits -Trade Commission in Mexico City - 525 pages - ed. CFCE ref IBSN 2289535394


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