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Main towns

Ankara (Ancyre)
: The capital : museum of Anatolian civilizations, tomb of Ataturk (1881-1938) the founder of modern Turkey.

Istanbul (Constantinople) : Ancient Byzantine and Ottoman capital, Istanbul is build on the west bank of the Bosphorus, on a detroit which separates Europe from Asia. The city is also cut in half by a small sea inlet, the Golden Horn.

Bursa (Brousse) : Green city, the hometown of Karaguz, the Turkish 'Punch'. A spa which was the capital for a while, with the tombs of sultans and gardens : Green mausoleum, Osman's mausoleum (founder of the Osman Empire 1281-1923).

Izmir (Smyrne) : Opulant and haughty, to the south and the north of the town stretches the 2800 kms of the Aegean coast. Beautiful synagogue, gymnasium bounded by the River Pactole.

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