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Geographical situation
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Other sectors
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Main towns


Entry formalities:
Health & medicine


Connections with France
Time differences
Car rental
Hotels & restaurants
Your suitcase
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Cost of Living

Usefull Addresses

City Ville Guide

Time differences
Time difference with France : + 1 hour all year round

You can telephone from the post office using tokens or a meter system. These "centres of Turkish life" are often open at night.
To phone Turkey from France : Dial 00 90 + the town code + n° of your correspondent
Ankara : 312
Istanbul : 212 (western bank) or 216 (eastern bank)
To phone France from Turkey : dial 00 33+
It costs less to phone France from Turkey than vice versa.

Istanbul : the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk airport is 20 kms out of town. It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to get there depending on the traffic
Ankara : the airport is 30 kms out of town
The price of a taxi to town is 145 FF

The airport tax is not included in the price of the airticket. It costs about 220 FF.

Car rental
It is necessary to have your driving licence and your credit card to rent a car.

Avis is represented in all the main towns in Turkey
Telephone n° of the central reservation office : 20 216 454 1111
Some other agencies
Adana : 322 4350476/322 4533045
Ankara : airport : 312 3980315, town 312 4672313/14
Antalya : airport 242 3303073/08, town 242 2481772/73
Bodrum : 252 3162333,airport 252 5230201/1542
Istanbul : 212 2412917, 216 4918701/02, airport 212 6620852/212 6630646
Izmir : airport 232 2742172/74, 0232 3422020
Marmaris : 256 6144600

All Avis cars are completely equipped, have done less than 15,000 kms and have an average age of 3 months. The vehicles are carefully prepared and checked between each rental using a procedure containing 7 obligatory control points. The cars are rented with a full tank.
Renting from Avis automatically means that the car passengers, renter and/or driver are covered by a third party insurance as well as an insurance covering repatriation and the immobilization of the vehicule in case of an accident.

You can reserve a car :
- from your travel agent
- from the international reservation centre at 0 820 05 05 05
- or from any Avis agency
Avis has an interactive network worldwide, a client can reserve a car instantly from anywhere in the world.

We recommend that you pay your rental using your accredited Avis card or with another credit card accepted by Avis : American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners.
Through a simple free membership system, Avis gives identity and/or payment cards, which are a real help for a rapid and efficient service.

REASSURING : No on-line payment, you can pay Avis directly at the agency when you return the car
RAPID : Avis has the quickest car rental reservation service on the web
ECONOMICAL : The cheapest rates on the market are available on the Avis microsite
COMPLETE : You can rent a car anywhere in the world.
The Avis network : 5000 agencies in 172 countries, is now on-line!
EFFICIENT : Find your town (you don't have to fill in the country), enter the date and click on estimate
PRACTICAL : You only have to fill in 4 boxes and you will receive an e-mail confirming the reservation.
You can even rent a vehicle at the last minute just round the corner or ... on the other side of the world.

Your suitcase
Take a suit and tie for business meetings and chic restaurants.
Light clothing for June - September, a sweater for the evening.
Don't wear provocative clothing : shorts or low-cut dresses. To visit a mosque, both men and women have to cover their legs and shoulders and take off their shoes.
Winter is cold and rainy.

Public Holidays :
1st January : New Year
23rd April : Childrens' Day
30th August : Victory Day
29th October : Republic Day (declaration of the republic, 29th October 1923).
7th November : Constitution Day (1982).
Also religious Muslim holidays, Ramadan.

Opening times :
Opening hours of local administrations in Ankara : 8h30 to 12h30 and 13h30 to 17h
in Istanbul : 9h to 18h
Opening hours of companies in Ankara : 9h to12h30 and 14h to 18h
in Istanbul : 9h to 18h

Security :

You should be careful, there is a certain level of political violence
Don't accept any package without having inspected the contents, you could risk getting mixed up in a drug traffic.

The hotels and the casinos give a third more than the banks which are not in a hurry to keep their rates up to date as they fluctuate at an amazing speed. The best place to change money is in the exchange bureaus.
There are more and more cash distributors.
Banks are open from 8h30 to 12h and 13h30 to 17h from Monday to Friday.
No French bank has an agency in Ankara or Istanbul.

Banque du Bosphore
8 rue Euler
75008 Paris
Tel 01 56 89 90 90 Fax 01 47 20 02 36

There are several schools in the country.
- Guide Bleu.
- Guide Michelin.
- Guides Turquie (collection Petite Planète).
- Discovery Guide to Eastern Turkey and the Black Sea Coast (from Michael Haag Limited, PO Box 369, London NW3 4DP, England).

- Aziyadé, Fantôme d'Orient et les Désenchantées by Pierre Loti
- Si j'oublie Constantinople by A Londres

Businss : (in French)
- Exporter : coll. "L'Essentiel d'un marché", CFC3 2000
- Kompass Turquie : KOTUR2000
-Annuaire des implantations françaises : French Trade Commission in Istanbul Ref E14999-99L (170 addresses)
- Les procédures d'importations et le transport international : French Trade Commission in Istanbul, Ref A9900031A
- Annuaire des 100 premières entreprises industrielles du secteur agroalimentaire : French Trade Commission in Istanbul, Ref A10783-99L


The best way to go into the town is by the Bosphorus, preferably with a dolmus (sea taxi).
If you apply to the foundation which manages the restoring of the yali, these ancient summer residences of the Ottoman empire notables, built in pine or in oak wood, you can visit the most sumptuous ones : the Kibrisli yali, the Ostrorog yali where Pierre Loti slept, the Sadullah yali where the interior is as beautiful as the most beautiful harems.
In the cafés which edge the roads old men sit behind their glasses of rosemary or mint tea playing at cards, with their jackets hanging above their heads, holding the end between their gold teeth they suck on their hookahs which are filled with their favourite mixture : jurak or tombak. Time stands still.
In the mahalli hamam (the local baths) the men put themselves in the hands of the giants on duty who knead them with a dry glove on the warm marble slabs and then wash them down with cold water. It is in the steam of the hammam that tongues loosen and real conversation takes place.
Visit the mosques, the Topkapi palace museum, the blue mosque, the only one with six minarets, which was built in the beginning of the 17th century by the famous architect Sinan.
Foça (Phocea). The birth place of the founders of Marseilles. The vestiges of Troy are only a few kilometers away.

Kusadasi. Known for its Club Med which is near the antique sites of Ephese, Priene, Milet, the temple of Didymes (oracle of Apollo). Lovely hotels.

Marmaris. Beautiful beaches of Belek, Kas, Jemer on the Lycian coast

Antalya (Attaleia). Minaret, Hadrien's door, ramparts.

Side and Alanya. To the east of Antalya, a fortified town built in the centre of Hellenistic ruins, superb museum.

Silikfe (Seleucie). Interesting excursions to the citadel of Seleucia, the abyss of Hell (Cehennen) and of Paradise (Cennet), the ruins of Kanlidivani, the sea castles of Anamur, Corycos and Kizkalesi, the port of Mersin.

Tarse (Tarsus); Adana and Antakya (Antioche). Pilgrimage site of the voyages of Saint Paul. In Tarse: the church of the Kings of Armenia, which has become a mosque. Adana is the region of the castles of Cilicia. Antakya has one of the most beautiful mosaic museums in the world.

Pamukkale (Hierapolis) : tourist region
Konya (Iconium) : tourist region of the Egridir Lake.
Cappadocia : a very popular tourist region : Church of Tokali, underground cities
Edirne (Andrinople) and Turkish Thrace : Mosque of Edirne, the imperial mosque built by the same architect as the Blue mosque in Istanbul, battle fields of the Dardanelles between Gallipoli and Smyrne.

Trabzon (Trebizonde) and the Black Sea. Port forming a trio with Sinop and Samsun, traffic with Odessa.
Ski runs on the Uludag, the byzantine walls at Nicea (Iznik)
(see also "Main Towns")
Shopping :
Handicrafts : carpets, jewellery, copper objects, ceramics, leather

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