The mobile phone of expatriates, the package offers mobile multi-country call for cheaper in national Benelux in Europe and internationally Switzerland Belgium Luxembourg Holland Netherlands France

                               Multi-country SIM Card

European TRANSATEL Mobile - Mobile Operator Multi-country - Package between the countries of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Possibility of transferring your current phone number when you subscribe to Transatel

Call at local rate from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg


Transatel Mobile

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Cheap mobile calls from France to England. cheap international mobile calls from Spagna, Italia, Germania, ...


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Cheap calls international from mobile. The multi-country packages for mobile calls cheaper by France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Calls and SMS and abroad. A SIM card to avoid paying roaming and call the local rate in the Benelux France. packages for European mobile phone calls cheaper from abroad. Mobile phone domestic and international packages and Operator Subscriptions France Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Holland. mobile phone operator in national and international. Packages without surcharge and subscriptions operator France. Mobile offers packages and subscriptions mobile phone for the France national and international telephone in the world and calling abroad. Phone call for cheaper with the package and abroad. Delete roaming call in France in Switzerland, in Belgium on a laptop, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and call at local rates with offers cheaper mobile plan. roaming fees outside the area Transatel Mobile. Cheap calls to Belgium mobile from uk, appeler telephoner en suisse sur un portable
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Transatel Mobile
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The European Site Operator TRANSATEL Mobile
 Transatel Mobile

  Cheap calls abroad from mobile - Best mobile operator for international calls roaming

Transatel Mobile

Manage your lines!

Thanks to the agreements with local providers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg, and thanks to the unique SIM card with which you have one phone number per subscribed country, you can make phone calls at local tariff in all of these countries

A unique solution to avoid roaming in France Paris, Switzerland Geneva, Belgium Brussels, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany Berlin, Spain Madrid Barcelona, Italy Roma, England London.


The multi-country subscription of Transatel, the WorldPass, offers you a local phone number per country of subscription on a single SIM card.
Save up to 70% on your calls in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
Free incoming calls in these countries
Voicemail for free in these countries
Possibility of transferring your current phone number when you subscribe to Transatel  The only mobile operator for frontier workers 

MultiPass (Multi-country offer),, the only all-inclusive package for France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium

Plan for several countries

Calls and texts to all French, Swiss, Luxembourgian and Belgian mobile and fixed phone numbers

Incoming calls on all your phone numbers

wherever you are in the Transatel zone!


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* Roaming: extra fees charged when you use your phone abroad. The roaming service is available in more than 175 countries. Roaming zone definition
** The "Follow me" means that your calls are transfered from your Belgian line to your French line by Transatel Mobile.


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