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Spain Welcome
Guide for living and working in Spain
A guide, information, advice and useful addresses to be able to leave well-informed.

Spain Welcome

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Alicante, a Mediterranean port, the main town in its province : 251,387 inhabitants.

Cordoba : on the banks of the River Gualdalquivir. Called the "frying pan" of Spain, because of its record heat spells, this popular town is surrounded by plains in harmonizing shades of ochre, brown and gold, where the famous toros bravos are bred, these fierce bulls destined for the arenas.
There is a lovely central plaza Mayor, where the houses and their overhanging terraces are reflected in the basin of the fountain.
Famous for its leather work, Cordoba is the most Arab town in Spain.
To visit : The Mezquita : the mosque (a monument classified world heritage by Unesco), you should visit it in the morning to see the sun on the orange tree patio; the bullfight museum in a lovely 16th century house; the archeological museum in a Renaissance palace; the Alcazar, next to the Gualdalquivir, built in 1328 on the ruins of a caliphate fort to house the Christian kings when they were fighting against the kingdom of Granada; the old Jewish district.

Grenade, 265,000 inhabitants.
To visit : the 16th century cathedral; in the Capilla real next to the cathedral is the oldest symbol of the country's unification : the tomb of Isabelle of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon.
The Alhambra, the summer palace of the Sultans of Granada with its wonderful Geralife gardens created on the model of paradise as promised in the Koran.
The Albaïcin district with its houses with terrace gardens, its little squares and climbing winding streets; the Realejo, the ancient Jewish district.

Sevilla, the capital of'Andalousia, 650,000 inhabitants.
Sevilla is a town of letters and history, it distills a refined and gentle art of living which is unique in the world. You feel it everywhere in town from its squares, its monuments and its large paradores.
In the Place d'Espagne, built for the Universal Exhibition in 1929 you can trace back the great pages of the country's history in its magnificent azulejos and polychrome mosaics.
You should visit the town in one of its famous yellow and green caleches.
To visit : the plaza de toros de la Maestranza, the mecca of bullfighting; the Giralda to have a wonderful panorama on the town, the Beaux Arts museum in an old convent, with its works by Zurbaran, Velazquez and Murillo; the garden of Maria Luisa ...

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